Giving Info

Begin with prayer- Thank God for your blessings and ask for guidance and discernment. Your giving supports everything LUMC does, including worship, missions, student ministries, Youth ministries, and adult programming. Take time to thank God for all the impact of these ministries in your life and the lives of others, and for the ways God uses your resources in our mission to change lives and transform the world.
Assess your income and giving- Determine your current giving as a percentage of your income.
Set your giving goal- If you are not currently tithing (giving 10 percent of your income), start with a lower percentage and then plan to increase the percentage each year, growing toward the tithe. Our tithe represents our desire to put God first in our lives. The important thing is to begin the spiritual discipline of regular, consistent giving.
Determine giving method- Take a look at the “Methods of Giving” and select the option that is best for both you and the church. (Payments direct from a bank account reduce processing fees for the church.) By letting us know your method and regularity of giving, it helps the church efficiently plan to best steward the monthly operating budget.
Worship with gratitude- As you worship each week, express your gratitude to God and ask God to bless and use your gift for ministry through our church.

If you are not regularly giving to the church, prayerfully make a commitment to begin by giving $5 per week ($20 per month).
Commit to increasing your giving annually by at least 1% as you move toward the goal of giving the tithe, 10% of your income.
If you are giving the tithe, 10% of your income, thank you for your faithfulness. Please prayerfully consider increasing your commitment by 1% – 3% to help your church take advantage of the opportunities before us.

Why We Give

WORSHIP- At Langdon UMC, we believe that returning a portion of our income to God is an act of worship. It is an expression of your love for God and a step of faith.
STEWARDSHIP- For Christians, stewardship is a way of life that recognizes that everything we have belongs to God, and we are simply managing those resources while on earth. Through stewardship, we are the heart, spirit and hands of God, reaching out in love to share with the world.
MINISTRY- Annual giving, tithes and offerings make mission and ministry possible at Langdon UMC. Your gifts provide life-changing worship and congregational care, opportunities for all ages to learn and grow in faith and mission ministries that are transforming our community and world.
COMMITMENT- Supporting the church financially is one of the expectations of membership at Langdon UMC. While we don’t tell you how much you should give, our hope is that you are giving regularly and working toward the tithe–identified in the Bible as 10% of your income. Annual commitments help the church budget, plan and expand ministry in the coming year.

Methods of Giving

Recurring Gift – Langdon UMC uses an online giving platform (Pushpay) accessible on this page, which allows you to set up your own self-managed giving schedule. You determine the amount, frequency and payment method – bank account or credit card.
Cash or Check – You may use the envelopes available in worship to give your gift during the offering time or mail to: Langdon United Methodist Church, 301 – 15th Avenue, Langdon, ND 58249.

Danny Mostad, LUMC Finance Team Leader:, 701-370-9757

Carlye Anderson, LUMC Finance Team:, 701-370-8501

Lori Illerbrunn, Financial Secretary of LUMC:, 701-370-9541

Langdon UMC Office:, 701-256-2748